~ Guided horseback trail riding with spectacular mountain views May - October ~

Horseback trail rides in the foothills along the Athabasca River valley
Located between Hinton and Jasper, Alberta on Bighorn Highway #40 North
Old Entrance is 50 minute drive from Jasper town-site and 10 minutes from Hinton



Guided Horseback Trail Rides open daily May 1 - October 31, 2024 (weather permitting)

Advance bookings are preferred, but some riders may be accommodated at last minute.

Phone or e-mail an inquiry to schedule a trail ride

General trail ride departure times: 10:30 am, 2:00 pm & 5:30 pm all days during summer months 2024.

Trail rides departure time: 1:00 pm only during early May and October

(some riding experience or good athletic condition necessary on longer rides over 2 hr.)

WINTER WAGON RIDES December to March, 12:30 - 2:30 pm
2+ hr. outing with 1 hr. campfire/picnic at mid-point
Please phone or e-mail in advance to reserve

Interested in learning harness driving or training your horse to harness, please inquire.


Open May 1 to October 31

We provide guided horseback trail rides departing from our riding stables at Old Entrance along the scenic Athabasca River valley. A real western riding experience is provided with small groups of up to ten riders. Ride historic trails originally used by early explorers, trappers and forest rangers along the beautiful eastern slopes of the Rockies. These trails are over a variety of terrain; in the river valley, up onto open foothill ridges with spectacular mountain views and through mature evergreen forests and back down to Old Entrance.

Trail riding is a great way to quietly get in touch with nature. Enjoy many wild flowers and spectacular scenery along the eastern slopes of the Rockies. Wildlife is occasionally spotted while horseback riding; most often a squirrel, deer, coyote and an occasional elk or bear. Sighting of birds of many varieties is common; hawks, eagles, ravens, northern flickers, ruffed grouse, robins, jays and chickadees to name a few.

Our gentle horses are of mixed breeding; some Morgan, Arabian, Quarter-horse and Percheron cross breeding.

Trail rides will be at walking speed with occasional trotting. We do not run the horses.

Age Limit: A horse will be selected for you that suits your size and riding ability. Minimum age of 6 - 7 years for novice riders. Young riders will be led (ponied) by the guide. We do not double on our horses.

Weight Limit: Maximum rider weight limit is 230 to 250 pounds and this is dependent on the person's height, physical condition and level of riding experience. We may make a exception to maximum weight limit for individuals over 6' in height only. Our trails are up and down hills carrying heavy loads exceeding 230 pounds is strenuous work for our largest horses. Some ride requests may be refused.

For those wondering if horseback riding may be an activity that you would like to try, our advice to novices is that if you are in condition to ride a bicycle then you will have no difficulty riding a horse.

Our trail rides are open to the public from May to October.

Please e-mail or phone in advance to schedule a trail ride. We prefer to have at least one day in advance notice although some late bookings may be accommodated. When booking you will be required to provide children's ages and each rider's height, weight and level of riding experience ie. Novice (never been on a horse), Beginner (ridden a 5 to 10 times), Intermediate (rides frequently and recently) or Advanced (rides competitively). Use a (+) or (-) symbol along with level of experience to better describe rider's skill and confidence.

Scheduled daily trail ride departure times: 10:30 am, 2:00 pm, 5:30 pm. In early spring and late fall we generally offer only one ride per day with departure time in the early afternoon 1:00 pm to enjoy the warmth of the day.

TRAIL RIDES: 2024 Rates:

1 hour - Orchard Creek Loop: $70/person

1 1/2 hour - Mountain View Loop: $90/person

2 hour - Athabasca River Ridge Loop: $125/person

3 hour - Pete's Pond Loop with lunch break: $175/person

4 hour - River Ridge West & Pete's Pond Loop with lunch break: $225/person

5 hour - Brule Lake View-Point Loop with lunch break: $275/person

Full Day Tour (8 hour) - Solomon Mountain-Red Willow Flats: $ negotiable, minimum 4 participants

Full Day Tour (8 hour) - Folding Mountain (July & August) : $ negotiable, minimum 4 participants

Prices listed are Canadian dollars plus 5% GST.

Last revised #12838.

Reservations: We accept trail ride reservations made within two days of trail ride with $75.00 payment pre-authorization by Visa or MasterCard, this will be billed to the credit card for any short notice cancellations of less than 12 hours and for no-shows. We delay or reschedule trail rides if rained out depending on availablity.

We require each child's age, each rider's height, weight and level of riding experience to accept a reservation ie. NOVICE; never ridden, BEGINNER; have ridden a few times in recent years, INTERMEDIATE; ride often and in good physical condition or ADVANCED; ride frequently, own horse or involved in competitive equestrian sports. NOTE: Do not text rider information by phone, please send an e-mail to oldentrance@yahoo.com

Payment: Travelers cheques, Cash, Visa or MasterCard

Prices are based on actual riding time. Participants must arrive 15 minutes prior to trail ride departure time for orientation and saddle fitting.

We require a minimum participation of two (2) riders and for the longer rides of 3 hours plus duration we require a minimum of four (4) participants. Custom full day tours are available, some riding experience is recommended and good physical conditioning is essential - please inquire. Day in advance booking is requested, although some late bookings may be accommodated.

Riding helmets are provided, mandatory for children under 18 years of age and optional for adults. All riders must wear sturdy footwear with no open toes. A light weight hiking boot with a narrow toe is generally best if you do not have proper riding boots. A rain jacket and hat are recommended. We'll tie the jacket to your saddle if the sun is shining. Weather conditions near the mountains can change very quickly.

Saddles are equipped with saddle bags for carrying an unbreakable water bottle, lunch and other small items. Back packs are not permitted and we suggest not bringing large, heavy cameras, binoculars, etc.

Waiver of Liability:

We take every precaution to safeguard riders and their property (cameras, sun glasses, jackets, etc.), but ask that participants recognize that horse back trail riding can involve some risk as horses can be unpredictable at times regardless of their past training. Participants are required to acknowledge this risk by signing a waiver of liability prior to departing on our trail rides. We suggest that out-of-province riders check their insurance policies to ensure accident coverage in Alberta and if necessary purchase all inclusive trip insurance.

We advocate ecotourism, low impact activity and preservation of the natural environment along the eastern slopes of the Rockies.

Alberta Commercial Trail Riding (CTR) permit holder.

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Send e-mail inquiry: oldentrance@yahoo.com

Old Entrance Bed 'n Breakfast Cabins & Trailrides Inquiries Phone: (780) 865-4760

Mary Luger - Trail Guide

Oz, Retired

Rocky, 1998 - 2018

Tex, 1986 - 2023
In Service 1999 - 2020

Whinny, 1995 - 2020

Eclipse "Clippy" 2006 -

Sugar, 2002 - 2016

Spice & Sugar

Pete's Pond Trail Ride

Neil Gilliat author of If Moose Could Only Talk
on Stewie, retired

Blaze, 1999 - 2018

Kate, 1994 -

Misty, 1990 -

JR, Retired

Spice, 2004 -

Tess, 2009 -

Scenic Trails

Athabasca River Ridge Trail Ride

Patriot, 1995 -

Pal, 2003 -

Mountain View Loop Ride

Folding Mountain Day Trip

~ Winter Wagon Ride Outing and Wiener Roast - Afternoons 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm ~

Departs at 1:00 pm for 2 hour outing with mid-point stop at picnic site with bon-fire,
Firewood included, bring your own snacks and beverages.

Covid-19 Safety Measures: During winter 2021 - 2022 group size is limited to a
maximum of ten participants in total consisting of one family/cohorts.
Face covering over nose and mouth (mask, neck gaitor or bandana) will be worn at all times
during the wagon ride and at any time when in closer proximity than the minimum 6 feet (2 meter)
physical distancing requirements to wagon driver and assistant(s).

$225.00 minimum fee per wagon includes up to 6 guests (adults and youth),
additional Adults $30/adult, Youth (6 - 15 years old) $20/youth, little ones 5 years old and under are free of charge.

Please phone or e-mail to reserve in advance.
We will not operate when afternoon temperatures are under -15C, including wind chill factor.

In memory of Carl Luger (1917 - 2007), Guide & Outfitter (1937 - 1961) ENTRANCE, Alberta

Old Entrance Trailrides near Jasper National Park

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